Learning as a Family

Entertaining and full of life, the world of YaYa and Zouk is designed to contribute to the development of children. The stories and games highlight good humor, joy of living, imagination, self-esteem, sense of responsibility, autonomy, self-confidence, self-help and good family values.

YaYa & Zouk is funny and inspiring for the whole family! Parents will enjoy discovering the episodes and games with their kids. And why not take a moment to personalize the experience? Let YaYa and Zouk stimulate your child’s mind and imagination, and the results will be magic. Need some ideas?

Here are some suggestions to initiate dialogue around YaYa and Zouk’s games.

What would you like to put in Zouk’s copying machine?
Are you coming to see the clouds with us?
Guess what I like the most in the image?
Would you like to be a fish?
Can we fish on the moon?
Do you think that sugar can steal things?