YaYa and Zouk’s Games

5 new games have been added for even more hours of fun!

YaYa and Zouk’s games are 9 totally different and fun experiences that also help children to develop specific skills. They allow children to:

  • Test their memory by remembering the location of cards in the Pairs Game, or the order of items in the Magic Salt Shaker.
  • Improve thinking skills and patience with the Puzzle Game.
  • Delve into the world of numbers with Snakes and Ladders.
  • Practice motor skills, like speed, with Fleeing Babies, or tracing with Miraculous Fishing.
  • Create universes and stories with Collage and Creation.
  • Develop cognitive flexibility with Find the Shells by sorting shapes and objects.
  • Develop concentration and sense of observation with Search and Find.
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The Series

A world full of colors, surprises and emotions.

Welcome to the crazy world of YaYa and Zouk, the new preschool comedy where everything is an excuse for laughter and discovery.

The series features YaYa, the older and very creative sister, and her little brother Zouk. Cozy in their daily life, the two children take pleasure going from real to imaginary worlds, bringing toys that come to life along the way.

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